Simulating Socialism (2): Optimising Production Plans

Published in Theory on 12.04.2019 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

In the second part of the "Simulating Socialism" series, Philipp Dapprich describes how to compute exact amounts of goods to be produced for satisfying a given demand. Also, he elaborates on how this demand can be calculated for the future.

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Is the OK sign fascist now?

Published in Theory on 05.04.2019 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

The Left spends way too much time fighting right wing symbolicism, instead of focusing on the underlying causes of the ongoing fascist surge online. Our author Leon explains how the methods of fascism manage to keep the Left occupied and divert them from the real problems.

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Racism is a deep-seated problem, especially in football matches. Following racist slurs against the football player Moise Kean, TI analyses the problem and explains, why Keans teammate Leonardo Bonucci hasn't understood the problem.

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Der Kult des Verzichts

Published in Theory on 29.03.2019 | Reading Time: 14 minutes

Wir stehen am Rande einer globalen Katastrophe. Im Angesicht des Klimawandels glauben einige, eine einfache Lösung des Problems gefunden zu haben: den Verzicht. Doch das konsumkritische Denken ist nicht nur nutzlos, sondern auch neoliberal. Von Dennis Graemer.

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"Socialist planning never works" is a common phrase to reject socialist ideas. That this doesn't hold true has been proven recently by Leigh Phillips' and Michal Rozworski's book "The People's Republic of Walmart." Phillip Dapprich currently develops a computer simulation for such a planned economy. In this post he shares his findings so far.

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How does wage labor differ from self-employment and pseudo self-employment?

Published in Theory on 01.03.2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Wage-laborers work for a company and a fixed wage. But there's two other groups: self-employed and those for whom German legislation has invented their own term: Scheinselbstständige (pseudo self-employed). This article discusses the differences between these groups.

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IO: A Universe Between Faith and Politics

Published in Theory on 08.02.2019 | Reading Time: 11 minutes

Another example for the contemporary social hopelessness is "Io", released in January on Netflix. Instead of putting faith in technology, the movie industry continues to deliver the apocalypse. Hendrik Erz has reviewed the movie for us.

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Book Review: Beauty and Misogyny

Published in Theory on 01.02.2019 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Sheila Jeffreys' "Beauty and Misogyny" is an impressive study of how beauty ideals are used to objectify women worldwide. From Asia to Europe, women are oppressed by scale and measure. We've reviewed the book for you.

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"Some leftists secretly see islamist movements as allies against imperialism"

Published in Theory on 21.01.2019 | Reading Time: 10 minutes

Schmalle blogs about islamist movements and criticizes a lack of focus in left-wing movements when it comes to them dealing with islamism. In our interview, he talks about the islamist world view, the naivety some leftists expose and he talks about his critique of the organisation "marx21."

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A Catastrophe in Real Time

Published in Theory on 18.01.2019 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

It's a misconception to think that our children will be the first to suffer from climate change. At this very moment, another social group is already taking psychological damage from climate change and it's continuous denial in society: Climate Researchers. By Jochen Becker.

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