Auf dieser Seite kannst du aus dem Website-Tracking ausscheiden und lernst deine Rechte kennen.

The Association for the Design of History uses the analytics software Matomo to track our users' behaviour and to adapt the page continuously to how our users react. To this end we save data that falls under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data is anonymised in general and cannot be assigned to specific individuals. We do not track user behaviour across pages.

To opt out of tracking, please uncheck the respective checkbox above.

Amount of Data Being Saved

We save the following data from our users:

  • IP Address, trimmed to two bytes.
  • Region of the visit.
  • When the first visit occurred.
  • Which pages were viewed for how long.
  • The first and last page being visit ("Entry Page" and "Exit Page")
  • Information on the used device (PC, tablet, or smartphone, operating system, used browser and screen resolution)
  • Additional data concerning on-page behaviour.

Security Mechanisms to Ensure Data Protection

The Association for the Design of History employs several mechanisms to ensure the safety of your data on our servers. All data is saved on servers under our control, and are encrypted. No data is being sent via non encrypted connections and the server is equipped with state of the art security mechanisms. It uses recent updates and only specially educated persons are allowed to view the raw data. These people do have a Non-Disclosure Agreement and are not allowed to pass on any raw data. For analysis purposes we only use aggregated data, with which it is mathematically impossible to extract individual users. Older data are also aggregated and saved, therefore no personal information remains.

Your Rights

As of the GDPR's regulations, you have a certain set of rights that we have to abide by. You have

  • the right to information on what data is saved,
  • the right to deletion of your data and
  • a right of rectification of wrong records.

To make use of your rights, simply use our contact form to contact our GDPR authority. Please use the keyword "GDPR" in your subject line.

Opting out

To opt out of analysis, simply uncheck above checkbox. **Please Note: We set a small non-tracking cookie to remember that you don't want to be tracked. If you delete this cookie (e.g., because of strict browser settings), we don't know that you don't want to be tracked and you have to opt-out again. Therefore please make sure you save cookies from our servers even across restarts of the browser.