Political Concept


Structural Analysis

Whomever wants to change the world, must first understand it. The most important forces in today's world are capitalism and the international system of states. These structures exert massive influence upon global events, yet their complex mechanisms often remain in the dark. With our structural analysis, these mechanisms are exposed.

Capitalism, Automation, Crisis

Logics of State and Representative Democracy

Classes and their Conflicts

Critique of Ideology

All upon the world, antimodernist ideologies are on the forefront — racism, nationalism, sexism and islamism are but few everyday examples. How can this step back into exclusion, identitarian thought and anti-enlightenment barbarism be explained? This area of our work deals with the critique and analysis of different ideologies and tries to draft strategies to fight them.

Methodology of the Critique of Ideology

Fascism as Modern Anti-Modernism

Sexism as a social relation


Concrete Utopias

Contemporary left movements cannot propose an alternative after the catastrophe of soviet socialism. This lack of visions for the future has put all progressive movements into the defensive. To counteract this tendency, ADH has developed a practical model that sketches the inner workings of politics and economics in a freed society ("Communism") and therefore illustrate the possibility of radical change.

Principles of a Postcapitalist Economy


The global condition is dire. The bourgeoise state and neoliberal elites have ruined the planet. All contemporary problems pertaining ecological, social and technological realms will only get worse. We cannot spend time dreaming of ideal worlds. In our section on transformation, we present a political strategy for the overcoming of state and capital, including the realisation of a "concrete utopia".