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Interventions of the ADH

As an organization which strives for a radical transformation of society, the Association for the Design of History is involved in different practical struggles. On the one hand, ADH is a think tank which contributes to debates on and theory and strategy through this website, social media channels, and public events. But this is not everything we do. We are also involved in practical struggles, supporting the emergence of power from below by participating in social movements. Through this work, we want to help ensure that social struggles are once again decided in favor of common people. After years of defeat and regression, this is now more necessary than ever. People need to feel again that it is possible to achieve political success in the common interest. Ideally, these struggles do not remain isolated, but link to and benefit each other.

In order to be as successful as possible, we consider the methods of professional organizing in the company and in the community to be indispensable. For some time now, we have therefore been training our members in various organizing techniques. What our members learn in practice, they teach others, allowing the whole organization to apply effective techniques in the context our work.

We currently support progressive movement building through our experience, resources, concepts and ideas in the following areas:


We participate in building local alliances of healthcare workers and activists in urban society. On this basis, we contribute to the national and international networking efforts of healthcare workers. The goal of is to strengthen the power of workers to act and to build public pressure, leading to the improvement of working conditions and pushing back the logic of profit maximization that has many health care systems in its grip.

At the moment, the ADH participates in alliences for the support of healthcare workers in NRW, Germany, and lends major support to the popular initiative “healthy hospitals in NRW for everyone.

Housing and Rent

We support the struggle for affordable housing in various parts of Germany. The logic of private property is particularly felt by those who search for affordable housing and those who are displaced by increasing rents. This allows us to excite broad segments of the population to support a system of housing which is oriented towards the common good. We are active on the streets, engage in nationwide networking efforts, and contribute our ideas and skills to campaigns.

We are currently involved in various local alliances which struggle for affordable housing. In addition, some of our members are involved in the initiative “Deutsche Wohnen und Co Enteignen” (expropriate Deutsche Wohnen), which strives to expropriate one of the most prominent property companies in Germany. This turn privately owned housing into public housing.


The climate crisis, which is an existential crisis for humanity, can hardly be overestimated. The mobilization process initiated by Greta Thunberg has politicized and organized many people, especially among the youth. In Germany, Fridays for Future is the biggest youth movement since the foundation of the Federal Republic. Within the framework of Fridays for Future / Students for Future, our members are planning and carrying out public actions. Furthermore, they are involved in press work. We also contribute to internal discussions, for example when it comes to questions of political strategy.