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The ADH is an international association of political activists committed to a radical transformation of society.

The gap between rich and poor is widening, there is the existential thread by climate change, right-wing populist forces are gaining ground, and thousands are starving every day in the so-called developing countries. This is the time to act.

In view of the upheavals of our time, we must unite. We can only change things together, as part of a binding structure where people can rely on each other, where they carry out their tasks conscientiously. The radically individualized activism of the left, on the other hand, only serves to increase the impotence from which it was born.

Together we want to analyze the existing system.

Together we want to develop and disseminate new ideas.

Together want to intervene in social struggles.

We don’t just want to accept the course of history; we want to shape it consciously – that’s why we call ourselves the Association for the Design of History, or ADH for short.

What do we fight against?

CAPITALISM is responsible for a large part of the misery on our planet. Our criticism is not limited to attacking the “greed of bankers” on a moral level, because the problem lies with the system itself and not with individual companies or politicians.

Under PATRIARCHY, women are treated as second-class people. A women will be paid less for the same work and at the same time will be more exposed to sexual assault. Furthermore, women are underrepresented in politics, science and business. Those are the symptoms of oppression.

In the name of TRADITIONALISM, reactionary forces call for a return to antiquated norms. The ADH is a modernist organisation that sharply rejects nationalist and religious ideas. We believe that universalism shall prevail over petty identitarianism.


What do we fight for?

Our long-term goal is establishing a democratic, feminist and socialist society. In such a society, all economic life will be put under public control. The competition and disorder of the market will be replaced by an economy planned with the help of computer algorithms and the Internet.

In the short term, we demand a reduction in working hours to 30 hours, more public funds for healthcare, and the expropriation of housing and energy companies. We also call for real equality between women and men and secularism.

We believe that climate change can only be tackled through an aggressive, globally coordinated and rationally planned politics. We demand an immediate phase-out of coal energy and massive investment in rail networks. Unfortunately, capitalism is not in a position to deliver.

How do we achieve our goals?

First, we see ourselves as a think tank. This means that we want to develop precise analyses and forward-looking ideas. By shaping how people approach societal problems and possible solutions, we strive to create the intellectual basis for a progressive and emancipatory politics.

Secondly, we are expanding our media presence. We want to involve more and more people in the discussion about a better future and bring left-wing ideas into the social discourse. Our designers, video editors, social media experts and editorial staff members work together to provide useful and accessible information to the public.

Third, we consciously intervene in social struggles that shift the balance of power between above and below in favour of the population. We want to fight alongside striking workers, whether in the care sector, in production, or in the media. We support promising social movements and help them to prove that people can change society for the better.

Redesign the Future