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Becoming a Member

If you like our work and our positions, then you should consider becoming a member of ADH. As a member of the platform, you can contribute to its success in your own way – by participating in internal debates, helping organize events, or performing a specialized role within an ADH body.

Your Rights

Once your membership application has been accepted, you are a full member of the Association for the Design of History. There are various rights associated with this.

  • The ADH is a direct democratic organisation. All members have the right to participate in the votes which determine the political programme and the statutes of the platform. All members have equal rights – everyone has only one vote!
  • All members of the ADH are treated fairly and according to the same rules. So you can always refer to the statutes and in case of emergency you can sue for your right.
  • Civilised and rational debates are very important to us. All members may participate in our internal forum.
  • If you would like to be active, you may do so as a “cadre”.

Your Duties

An organisation like the Association for the Design of History can only function if its members fulfil certain duties. By applying for membership, you agree to take these duties seriously.

  • All members should in principle agree with the political positions of the platform.
  • Members of the ADH must abide by the direct-democratic decisions taken by the General Assembly. This applies in particular to the statutes.
  • Your comrades should be treated with respect and courtesy. Within the ADH we do not tolerate personal insults.
  • Everyone must pay a monthly membership fee, the amount of which is based on income.
  • Those who have decided to become active as cadres should conscientiously fulfil their respective tasks.

ADH from Within

As an ADH member you experience democracy. You take part in internal debates and direct democratic votes. You follow events within our organisation. In our internal forum you can exchange ideas with other members about the political orientation of the platform, its strategy, and its structure. Votes take place at regular intervals. Every vote has the same weight. We act in unison, but before we do so, the positions of all members are discussed openly.


Changing the World

As an ADH member, you can volunteer for practical tasks such as public relations, networking or personnel. If you complete your tasks for two weeks, you will become a member of the management team. If, for personal reasons, you do not have time for political work, you can give up this status at any time and then regain it at any time.

We are currently looking in particular (but not only) for people who can take on the following tasks:

Video Editor: In order to work on our YouTube project, you need a good knowledge of Adobe After Effects.

Web Designer: If you are familiar with HTML and CSS and have experience with WordPress, you can help us improve our web presence.


ADH as a Think Tank

The ADH works actively on the development of new ideas. We see ourselves as a left-wing think tank. So if you are interested in theory production, we can challenge and support you in many different ways. We would love to give you literature recommendations, show you how to structure your theses, and provide constructive feedback. With us you can publish texts for discussion and participate in reading circles. We are currently conducting research in the following areas:

Computer Communism: How can a socialist economy be established? How can computers and the Internet be used for these purposes?

Critique of the Political Economy: How does capitalism work? How should we read Marx’s capital?

Feminism: How does patriarchy work and how can it be eliminated?

Political Strategy: How can the left win? How can people be mobilized?

Modernism and Antimodernism: Why have the emancipatory dreams of the early 20th century disappeared? How do people react to historical disappointments?

You are Interested?

Just write us at or use our contact form.