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The Accelerationist Manifesto
"A new world will have to be built, not on the ruins of the old, but on the most advanced elements of the present."
Principles of a Postcapitalist Economy
"Labour burdens are to be avoided as much as possible and material wealth for all should be guaranteed."
Simulating Socialism
"Computers and mathematical algorithms have been recognized as great possibilities for socialist economic planning since the early days of computing."

Association for the

Design of History

The left is in a desperate situation.

In the wake of the total victory of neoliberalism under Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the early 80’s, any hope for a better future has been annihilated. There is no alternative.

Or so they say. Our task is to take back the initiative. We must build new utopian dreams, new strategies, new lines of flight. We need to win.

A Platform for Transformation

The Association for the Design of History is a think tank, a media factory, and a centre for the conscious coordination of class struggle. Our organisation consists of many different talented people, united in their will to understand and change the world for the better.


Technology and social complexity are the prerequisites of liberation. This modernist creed is the basis of our politics.


Planning is applied rationality. If we want to build The New, we have to think strategically and methodically.


Even small victories can create a strong momentum, carrying us towards the future. We must go on the offensive.

New Articles

Soviet Mural symboling the hope in nuclear energy

Warum die Linke auf Atomkraft angewiesen ist

Die Kernenergie ist ein in der Linken umstrittenes Thema, aber das war nicht immer der Fall. Wir glauben, dass es notwendig ist, jede Technologie, die der Kapitalismus hervorgebracht hat, auf die vernünftigste Weise zu bewerten und ihr Potenzial einzuschätzen.

Why CibCom?

We're introducing CibCom, an interdisciplinary collective of Spanish origin. In recent months we've collaborated with CibCom. But who are they? What are their plans? Read more to find out "Why CibCom?".

More of us is better for everyone! – Hospital Strikes in NRW

Six university hospitals in NRW are fighting for a collective labour agreement regulating workloads, the so-called "Tarifvertrag Entlastung". On May 1st, the ultimatum ran out, and 98.31% of the university hospital healthcare workers organized in a union – a massive majority – voted to strike indefinitely until their demands are met.


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